One. Simple. Question.

We often go through life as parents assuming our children know how much we care about them.  We may say "I love you" several times a day.  We do things for them thinking, "Surely they see how much I love them.  Look at all the sacrifices I make!".  But are we really speaking their love language?  Do they REALLY feel our love?  I highly recommend reading this article from babble (see link below)  that gives us one simple question to ask our kids: "How can I help you feel loved?"

For one child, that might be a hug.  For another it might be playing a game, or reading a book, or putting our devices down.  Each child has their own love language.  One thing I know for sure...I am asking this question to my own children tonight!  I will let you know their answers in a future post.  I would love to hear what yours say!

11/17 UPDATE  As promised, here are my children's answers:

Daughter: When you play family games with me, when you have lunch with me at school, when you spend more time playing and not cleaning the kitchen, when you give me compliments with long sentences (??)

Son: When you play with me, when you randomly do something nice for me, when you give me sincere compliments