Kimberly Levitan is the owner of Playful Solutions, LLC located in Kansas City. She provides therapy for children (ages 4-15) and their families. Kimberly is a Clinical Social Worker and Registered Play Therapist with close to 15 years of experience in working with children.


Kimberly’s passion for children is nothing new. From the time she was barely old enough to babysit, she was planning and hosting “summer camps” for young children in her backyard. Even today, if in a large group of people, she would likely be found interacting with the children in the room. Kimberly’s ability to connect with kids is something that comes naturally and is apparent to anyone who knows her.

As a mother herself, Kimberly knows that parents want the best for their children, but sometimes “life happens”, and we are faced with concerns or struggles that are often overwhelming. Kimberly firmly believes, however, that children are extremely resilient, and this resiliency is what drives Kimberly in her work. She has seen time and again that children can be faced with difficult circumstances, and, if addressed appropriately, can come through stronger and better equipped to face future challenges. Through therapy, Kimberly is able to connect with each child to help him/her feel a sense of safety and acceptance, which better allows the child to work through the issues at hand.

The utilization of play therapy has been found to be a highly successful approach in helping children grow and heal.* Kimberly’s professional experience and play therapy training has equipped her to work with children struggling with a wide range of behavioral, emotional and social issues. Some of these issues may include anxiety, depression, behavior problems, attachment problems, trauma, ADHD, grief and loss, social issues, and adjustment to major life changes such as divorce.

*Be sure to click on the “Why Play Therapy” link on this site to better understand play therapy and its effectiveness.