"Like a Girl" is a GOOD Thing!

A friend of mine recently sent me this video.  I was blown away!  I don't want to spoil anything so watch it first, then come back and read below....

Wow!  Right?  What messages are we as a society and as parents sending to our children?  It is impossible not to fall victim to the stereotypes for boys versus girls.  Even when walking through Wal-Mart or Target we are presented with toys aisles oozing pink.  Then a few steps away there are aisles and aisles of nerf guns.  So many nerf guns.  Boys and girls are different, I have no doubt.  I have a son and I have a daughter.   At one time in my life I was able to identify every type of construction vehicle my son so excitedly screamed about on car rides.  Then my daughter entered the world and I have spent countless hours dressing barbies and playing beauty shop.  I love that their interests are so innate and so different from each other.  

But not for one minute would I ever believe my daughter incapable of doing anything that a boy her age could do.  And not for one minute will I allow my son to fall into the trap of believing she couldn't simply because she is a girl.  As I watched this video it hurt my heart to think that I cannot forever shelter my children from society.  I can work daily to build them up and instill confidence.  But all it takes is one comment or one snide remark to change that. If you or your children fall victim to this "like a girl" mentality...STAND UP to it!  Say something.  Let your child see you as their advocate.  Believe in them and help them believe in themselves.  Their is no better shield from cruelty than self-confidence!