Individual and Family Therapy - $90
Kimberly provides individual therapy for children ages 4-15.  Depending on the circumstances, she will sometimes incorporate family therapy as a part of the treatment.  Sessions are 50 minutes long, usually once a week. At this time, Kimberly does not accept insurance and sees self-pay clients only.  Please go the the “forms” tab on this site, click “Client Services Agreement” and see the “Insurance Information” section for more details.   

Parent Consultations - $90 Oftentimes parents just need some extra support to navigate challenges with their child. Kimberly frequently meets with parents to offer new ideas, support, or even just a different perspective on a situation. Parents can pursue parent consultations even if their child does not attend therapy with Kimberly. These consultations can happen alongside therapy as well. Each situation is unique so contact Kimberly if you want more information!

Groups at Playful Solutions, LLC - $90 (same as therapy rate)
Kimberly implements groups for children as needs arise.  She has designed groups to address issues such as feelings, social skills, and anger management as well as groups for abuse survivors.  Groups are usually 4-6 weeks in length.  Sometimes children may attend individual therapy and group therapy simultaneously.  Other times, children may come only for a group and do not participate in individual therapy.  Are you interested in a particular group?  Contact Kimberly!  At least three similarly aged children need to be enrolled for a group to take place.   

Groups at Schools - $90/hr
Kimberly is also able to provide groups for children on various topics at your school, daycare or organization. These groups are charged at Kimberly’s hourly rate rather than per child.  Depending on your needs, groups can be a one time presentation or an ongoing 4-6 week group.  


“I Am the Boss of My Body” Workshop - contact Kimberly for pricing options
Kimberly is a firm believer that every child needs to be taught how to stay safe!  She has presented this body safety curriculum in the Shawnee Mission schools, Blue Valley schools, Fort Osage schools and for girl scout troops.  This one time, one hour, hands-on program is for children grades K-3rd.  Children are guaranteed to have fun and will leave knowing how to stay safe!  Contact Kimberly to schedule a presentation at your school, church, or organization.


Workshops for Adults at Playful Solutions, LLC - contact Kimberly for pricing options
Kimberly provides a variety of one time workshops for parents such as “When Time Out Doesn’t Work” and “How To Manage Stress So It Doesn’t Manage You”.  Let Kimberly know if you are interested in one of these topics or have another one in mind.


Workshops for Adults at Your Site -contact Kimberly for pricing options
Kimberly is also available to conduct workshops for adults at your location.  Kimberly has spoken for mom’s groups, church groups, daycare providers and many other audiences.  Contact Kimberly to schedule a workshop. 


What participants are saying...

"Great speaker, crowd pleaser, and gets people involved!"

"Kimberly was wonderful.  I trust her so much!"

"Love, love, love Kimberly!"

"...she obviously loves her job."